Women Who Inspire

                                        Kayko Tamaki  :   Christine Aguiling Artistry

                                        Kayko Tamaki : Christine Aguiling Artistry

Let me start by saying I think women are the most beautiful, magical creatures on the planet.  From the curve of the body to the flow of the hair, the female body is an art form in itself and no two are alike.  Each individual amazing in their own way.  Personal opinions and moral beliefs aside, I believe our bodies, head to toe, should be admired and embraced and we shouldn’t be ashamed of who we are. 


Like any woman, I am extremely flattered when I feel my looks are appreciated.  But my life hasn't been any easier because of being considered attractive.  Things haven’t just fallen in my lap simply because of someone liking the way I look.  Society has put into place preconceived notions, stereotypes, about what type of person a "beautiful" human is.  And as a result there were different expectations I felt I should fight to meet.  It has long been my commitment to love and be proud of my own body, to fight for my right to express myself the way I choose, while at the same time think beyond my looks and strive to be a quality human being.  A lifetime of blood, sweat and tears, consistency, loyalty, commitment, sacrifice, hard work is what it’s taken to get to where I am today.  I have had my share of heartache and failure as well as success.  My own personal insecurities.  And I still have so much to learn, endless growing to do.  No different than anyone else.  Building and nurturing relationships, compassion, forgiveness, determination, self-acceptance and ultimately, love, has been the core of who I am and how I get things done in life.  With that said, nothing inspires me more than women who is beautiful on the outside, but is also intelligent, ambitious, unafraid to be different and follows her heart in pursuit of her own personal life journey.  Our generation is more overwhelmed than ever with pressure to be the vision of perfection and it would be so easy in this day and age to pursue attention and gratification from simply being attractive.  But the woman who’s a risk taker, unconventional thinker, dreamer, go-getter… that’s what inspires me.


Living abroad gave me a chance to quiet the noise that existed in my every day life and really focus on what my motivations were and who to look toward for inspiration.  I found myself identifying with other women, both distant friends and strangers alike, and finding inspiration in not only their striking beauty, but also their commitment to sharing their life authentically through their passions.  They touched a special place in my heart and I felt so moved, quietly wishing to sit and have a cup of coffee with them and talk about life.  I wanted to embrace them and say you are simply amazing.  Not because I believed them to be something I wasn't, but because they inspired me to be a better version of myself.  And during my personal ups and downs in solitude, I looked towards these people for hope, inspiration.  The truth I think we all struggle to accept is that no one is perfect.  We want to believe that there are people out who's lives are just amazing for them every single day.  Like they’ve figured out something the rest of us haven’t.  But that’s simply not true.  It is my belief that we as women have the power to do amazing things when we work together.  We should not only be unafraid to love and appreciate ourselves but also each other.  I'm a firm believer in reaching out and letting another woman know I think she is absolutely breathtaking and an awesome person.  There is so much hate already in the world; instead of shaming each other based on our own insecurities it is my wish that we all work to embrace our differences, root for others doing amazing things and let that be a personal inspiration to want more for ourselves. 


In an effort to celebrate and give thanks to all the inspirational women out there, I will be sharing the awe-inspiring friends I have encountered in my life process in a new makeup and photo series.  I am so grateful for what they have done for me as not only my canvases, but also in friendship and I am thankful for their patience as I am still growing and learning myself.  I hope share my art with you through them and to give back to them by sharing a piece of their hearts.  They all have moved and inspired me in ways I hope to express to you all.  Every single one is an imperfect human.  Complete with flaws, imperfections, and insecurities.  What makes them shine isn’t just their outer beauty, but they are strong, ambitious, unique and fearless, they've persevered; looking towards exploring themselves and world beyond their roots and passionately sharing their hearts with humility and honesty.  They are all doing incredible things and contributing to our world.  To me, there isn’t anything more beautiful than that.  

“Women who inspire.”


Stay tuned. <3